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Promoting Indie Artists

QuasiParticle Records, LLC is a micro record label currently focused on FREE promotion of Indie music artists. Our main vehicle for promotion is Instagram utilizing our account with 6400+ real followers (and counting) and also with our “QPRmusic1” and “QPR deep indie” Spotify playlists.

How We Promote

Instagram Feed Posts

We create a 45 to 60 second video for your song using photos and/or artwork along with any video clips you provide. It is then posted to our Instagram feed where we have 6400+ real followers.

Instagram Stories

We also post for your song in our Instagram Stories for additional audience engagement.

“QPRmusic1” Playlist

Additionally, if you simply follow our QPRmusic1 Spotify playlist, we will also then add your song to it as well. As our following continues to build, this can also be an additional source of promotion for your music.

“QPR deep indie” Playlist

If your music isn’t featured in post on our Instagram feed, you can still have your music added to our new “QPR deep indie” Spotify playlist. Simply email or DM a request and then follow the playlist and your song will be added.

Email info@quasiparticlerecords.com to submit your song.

Please note: not all songs submitted will be accepted for posting/promotion on our Instagram Feed. But, it’s free promotion if accepted, so why not submit something?

But also note: all songs submitted to be included on the “QPR deep indie” Spotify playlist will be accepted and added provided the artist follows the playlist.


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“I’d like to be a hairdresser. Or two. I’d like to be two hairdressers.”

Barry Wom – The Rutles

About Us

QuasiParticle Records, LLC is a micro record label established in March 2019. Eventually we hope to be a full service label. But for now, as a start, we promote Indie Music Artists as we build our contacts, network, and experience. The next step will be PR/Management for an Indie music artist.