QPR Submithub Comments Blog

This page was created to catalog the often hilarious and hilariously stupid and dick-ish comments artists receive from Playlist Curators and each other on Submithub. Enjoy. And please email us with your own Submithub comment experiences to info@quasiparticlerecords.com. Artists’ names are clickable links to their website or music.

  • Corserine from Submithub Hot or Not… “your music sounds like the catepillar from Alice in Wonderland”
  • Cowboy Destroy from Submithub Hot or Not… “Trippy track man. Ride the snake, become the lizard king.”
  • Manic Vila from Submithub Hot or Not “don’t quit your day job. Didn’t like this at all” …on a 13 second listen.
  • Joel Schwelling from a Submithub Curator “A nice confident folk and country sound that is well performed with heart and a classic sense but it just did not do enough new here to stand out more for us here”
  • Frankie Tedesco from a Submithub Curator “Hey mate! 👋 Thanks a lot for sending me your submission. I really love how catchy that bounce beat is sounding in the begging and the vocals that come in just after that are awesome. Unfortunately I’ll have to kindly decline this one as we are currently looking for Deep House tunes and we are not really looking for more Slap Tunes. However if you have any more deep tunes in the future I’d be happy to have a listen.” … Of course this curator has “Slaphouse” as an active genre

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