Almost Sex

Chance encounter online during quarantine? Remote collaboration for a few months before “one freakin’ epic meeting” finally brought them together? YES!!! And we should all be very happy for it. H.W. (Warren) LaSota and Nick Louis from Brooklyn NY combine for some chill sounds with a lot of heartfelt character. Releasing their first single “Knockoff” the duo came right out of the gate with a solid subtle groove and built onto that for their follow up “Charmer”. With the latest single “Rest Up” the folk influence comes through for yet another song that pulls the listener in to get lost in the lyrics and the laid back vibe of the song. You can see their new video for “Rest Up” with this link ( “Rest Up” – Almost Sex (official lyric video) – YouTube ). Please take a listen and follow Almost Sex on the platform of choice.

Published by QuasiParticle Records

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