Dance Loud

Dance Loud is a beautiful anomaly in the world of Indie music and music in general. They call themselves “something weird in between” a DJ and a band. Incorporating a mix of analog and digital with high tempo ambient deep house, all their original music is engineered and produced by Dance Loud. And it is quite original.

     But, Dance Loud is not just a DJ and is not just a band. This Chicago-based electronic dance duo is comprised of the (theoretically) diametrically opposed styles of Kristin Sanchez [DJ, producer, engineer] and Desereé Fawn Zimmerman [drums, guitar, vocals]. But let’s remember that opposites attract, or in their own words, “opposites do more than attract”. Fawn provides live instrumentation with a classically trained background while Sanchez adds the electronic production and DJ-ing.  They have performed live with this dynamic approach for some years and have worked hard to develop their latest feat which culminated in the full-length album, The Moment.

     The album represents the duality in their life together while also representing the fusion of those diametrically opposite styles of musical creation. It is really a captivating album from start to finish. Their lead single Hollow encapsulates the feel of the album’s theme, but taking in more of the album from start to finish is a must. You can feel the transition from the DJ and electronic styles of Sanchez to the emotive feelings of Fawn’s styles as the album progresses. Again, the duality theme works to great effect and we should all be thankful that opposites do more than attract.

     As if the music wasn’t enough, they work together on artfully self-created merchandise, run a free sticker trade, and even hosted a recent 3D virtual artwalk. Please visit to learn much more about these amazing women.

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